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By Donna Latham, Beth Hetland

ISBN-10: 1619301539

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Life is all over, thriving within the urban and within the kingdom, teeming in ecosystems round the planet—in deserts, oceans, or even the Arctic. And lifestyles is true outdoor your door! yard Biology invitations young children a while nine and as much as examine residing things—especially in yards, parks, nature components, and playgrounds. minutiae and enjoyable proof convey animals, vegetation, and microorganisms to lifestyles, in all their wonder.
Readers develop into Nature Detectives with actions and tasks that motivate youngsters to make discoveries. kids will build a plankton web to gather pond samples, and they'll develop microorganisms in a Winogradsky Column. They'll notice what secret crops sprout from gathered soil samples and construct a rolypoly habitat. whilst kids test with phototropism and geotropism, they'll notice the methods crops circulate. In yard Biology, little ones will scout out various habitats to watch and investigate—and do their half to guard them.

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Lined with trigger hairs, its leaves The Venus flytrap is North hang open like a gaping Carolina’s official state carnivorous mouth. Sweet nectar inside plant. Unfortunately, the amazing lures flies, spiders, bees, and plant is in danger of extinction moths. When prey brushes in the wild. two or more times against the leaves’ trigger hairs—snap! The flytrap clamps shut. The trapdoor stays totally closed while the plant slowly digests its dinner. It can take the flytrap two weeks to dissolve the soft inside parts of its prey.

Inside are sweet beechnut kernels, a favorite food of deer and wild turkeys. Blue jays squabble over juicy black currants. Rabbits nibble tasty clover. Plants in the meadow, like plants everywhere on Earth, make life possible. All animals depend on them for survival. Plants provide the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe. Without plants, Earth’s atmosphere couldn’t support life. Sometimes we forget plants are living things. Maybe it’s because we don’t see them moving in front of us the way we see animals constantly in motion.

You’re looking below the leaf litter to dig at a shallow depth, at soil’s ground level. In this topsoil, soil is composed of silt, sand, clay, and organic matter. Organic matter is decaying plants and animals. Depending on where you live and recent weather conditions, you might unearth water, too. You may discover rocks. Why is the leaf litter thick in some places and thinner in others? Is the soil different in these places too? Draw in your science journal to illustrate what your soil sample looks like.

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