Ibrahim Karim's Back to a Future for Mankind - BioGeometry PDF

By Ibrahim Karim

ISBN-10: 1449963951

ISBN-13: 9781449963958

This first-ever released selection of writings via Dr. Ibrahim Karim displays the holistic essence of his worldview. Dr Karim is the founding father of the technological know-how of BioGeometry within the early Seventies. BioGeometry is the technological know-how that makes use of shapes, colours, movement and sound to urge concord into the sophisticated strength traits of our environment. on the center of this concord is a sophisticated strength caliber present in the transcendental facilities of the forming technique of nature and is the most caliber in sacred energy spots of humanity that supply a non secular measurement to the undying monuments erected because the sunrise of humanity. together with his event as an architect and a scientist Dr. Karim has synergized points of Pythagorean Harmonics, refined strength sciences, Radiesthesia, Geobiology, construction Biology, Sacred structure & glossy wave theories to supply a brand new Physics of caliber from which the technology of BioGeometry emerged. *BioGeometry bridges technology and spirituality to supply a ordinary concord into the surroundings. *BioGeometry offers a practicable resolution in reworking the standard of the influence that electromagnetic radiation has on residing platforms. profitable initiatives in Switzerland in collaboration & acknowledgment of Swiss experts turn out its potency to take our glossy technological know-how into the longer term. *BioGeometry offers new options to Earth Radiation, that is a major wellbeing and fitness probability if no longer stated within the position and layout of our structures. * a brand new energy-quality-based research of the good Pyramid in Giza, finds new wisdom at the finest of the wonders of the realm and at the essence of the nice old Egyptian civilization.

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