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This quantity offers a variety of literary and epigraphic resources at the historical past of the world's first democracy, providing a complete survey of the main topics and ideas of Athenian democratic tradition. starting with the legendary origins of Athenian democracy lower than Theseus and describing the old improvement of Athens' democratic associations via Solon's reforms to the beginning of democracy below Cleisthenes, the publication addresses the broader cultural and social repercussions of the democratic approach, concluding with a survey of Athenian democracy within the Hellenistic and Roman age. All assets are offered in translation with complete annotation and remark and every bankruptcy opens with an creation to supply history and course for readers. assets contain fabric by way of Aristotle, Homer, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Thucydides, Cicero, Tacitus and so forth. the amount additionally contains an A-Z of key phrases, an annotated bibliography with feedback for additional analyzing within the basic resources in addition to smooth serious works on Athenian democracy, and an entire index.

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Now, although this is true, these people ignore what makes a city big or small. For they judge a polis to be big in relation to the number of its inhabitants, while what they should really consider is its efficiency, not the size. For a polis has a task to perform, and the best polis is the one which performs this task best: the fact that 16 Athenian Democracy: A Sourcebook someone is taller than Hippocrates does not make him a greater physician. And even assuming that a polis should be judged on the size of the population, the esteem should take into account not the undistinguished mass of its inhabitants (for in such a big polis there must necessarily be a considerable number of slaves, metics and foreigners), but only those who actually have a share in the polis, and are parts of it.

Thucydides says that Theseus’ was the first synoecism of Attica. The second took place at the outbreak of the Peloponnesian War, when Pericles persuaded the Athenians who lived in the rural districts of Attica to move into the walls of the city. In fact, the historian seems to portray Theseus as a kind of Pericles ante-litteram: a leader who used his superior political and intellectual strength to enforce revolutionary measures which, albeit necessary, were bound to have very traumatic consequences on the lives of the people of Attica.

25 owing to their old age were with them. The other men were moving forward with Ares and Pallas Athena, both made of gold, wearing golden garments. They were beautiful and majestic in their armours, as befitting two gods, while the men who followed them were smaller. Then they arrived at the place where they would lay the ambush, on a river, a watering-place for all animals. There they sat down, covered in fiery-looking bronze. At a distance from them sat two scouts, waiting till the sheep and the curved cows would appear.

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