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Boiled-down necessities of the top-selling Schaum's define sequence, for the coed with constrained time

What might be greater than the bestselling Schaum's define sequence? for college students trying to find a short nuts-and-bolts evaluate, it should must be Schaum's effortless define sequence. each e-book during this sequence is a pared-down, simplified, and tightly concentrated model of its greater predecessor. With an emphasis on readability and brevity, every one new name includes a streamlined and up to date layout and absolutely the essence of the topic, offered in a concise and quite simply comprehensible shape. photograph components comparable to sidebars, reader-alert icons, and boxed highlights function chosen issues from the textual content, remove darkness from keys to studying, and provides scholars fast tips to the essentials.

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1 A 1000-kg car rounds a turn of radius 30 m at a velocity of 9 m/s. (a) How much centripetal force is required? (b) Where does this force come from? Solution. (a) Fc = 2 mv 2 (1000 kg)(9 m / s) = = 2700 N r 30 m (b) The centripetal force on a car making a turn on a level road is provided by the road acting via friction on the car’s tires. Motion in a Vertical Circle When a body moves in a vertical circle at the end of a string, the tension T in the string varies with the body’s position. The centripetal force Fc on the body at any point is the vector sum of T and the component of the body’s weight w toward the center of the circle.

Let us imagine a rigid body divided into a great many small particles whose masses are m1, m2, m3, … and whose distances from the axis of rotation are respectively r1, r2, r3, … (Figure 7-2). 041-050 1/30/03 9:46 AM Page 45 CHAPTER 7: Rotational Motion 45 Figure 7-2 The moment of inertia of this body is given by I = m1r12 + m2 r22 + m3r32 + L = Σmr 2 where the symbol S (Greek capital letter sigma) means “sum of” as before. The farther a particle is from the axis of rotation, the more it contributes to the moment of inertia.

KE = 1 2 1 mv = (1000 kg)(20 m / s)2 = 2 × 10 5 J 2 2 Potential Energy The energy a body has by virtue of its position is called potential energy. 028-032 1/30/03 9:44 AM Page 32 32 APPLIED PHYSICS has magnetic potential energy because the nail can do work as it moves toward the magnet; the wound spring in a watch has elastic potential energy because the spring can do work as it unwinds. The gravitational potential energy of a body of mass m at a height h above a given reference level is: Gravitational potential energy = PE = mgh where g is the acceleration due to gravity.

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