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By J. N. Islam

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This booklet presents a concise creation to the mathematical features of the starting place, constitution and evolution of the universe. The publication starts with a quick review of observational and theoretical cosmology, in addition to a quick advent of common relativity. It then is going directly to speak about Friedmann types, the Hubble consistent and deceleration parameter, singularities, the early universe, inflation, quantum cosmology and the far away way forward for the universe. This new version includes a rigorous derivation of the Robertson-Walker metric. It additionally discusses the bounds to the parameter area via a number of theoretical and observational constraints, and offers a brand new inflationary resolution for a 6th measure capability. This e-book is acceptable as a textbook for complex undergraduates and starting graduate scholars. it's going to even be of curiosity to cosmologists, astrophysicists, utilized mathematicians and mathematical physicists.

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15), although homogeneous, is not in general isotropic. A space is isotropic if it is isotropic 42 The Robertson–Walker metric about every point in it. Proceeding along these lines one can derive the Robertson–Walker metric with the use of Killing vectors. We will carry out such a derivation later in this chapter. 14) when kϭ1. This yields the universe with positive spatial curvature whose spatial volume is finite, as we shall see. 14) becomes ds2 ϭc2 dt2 ϪR2(t)[d␺2 ϩsin2␺(d␪2 ϩsin2␪ d␾2)]. 18) Some insight may be gained by embedding the spatial part of this metric in a four-dimensional Euclidean space.

38). We define the commutator of these two Killing vectors as the vector ␨ ␮ given by ␨ ␮ ϭ ␰ (1)␮;␭␰ (2)␭ Ϫ ␰ (2)␮;␭␰ (1)␭. 42) In coordinate independent notation the commutator of ␰ (1) and ␰ (2) is written as [␰ (1), ␰ (2)]. 42) can be replaced by ordinary derivatives. We will now show that ␨ ␮ is also a Killing vector, that is, ␨␮;␯ ϩ ␨␯;␮ ϭ0. 43) Now (2)␭ (2)␭ (1)␭ ␨␮;␯ ϩ ␨␯;␮ ϭ ␰ (1) ϩ ␰ (1) Ϫ ␰ (2) ␮;␭;␯␰ ␮;␭␰ ;␯ ␮;␭;␯␰ (1)␭ ␭ (2)␭ (2)␭ Ϫ ␰ (2) ϩ ␰ (1) ϩ ␰ (1) ␯;␭;␮␰ ␮;␭␰ ;␯ ␯;␭␰ ;␮ (1)␭ (1)␭ Ϫ ␰ (2) Ϫ ␰ (2) .

The vector field Y␮ is said to be parallelly transported along the curve if Y␮;␯ dx␯ dx␯ dx␯ ϭY␮,␯ ϩ⌫␮␯␴Y␴ d␭ d␭ d␭ ϭ dY␮ dx␯ ϩ⌫␮␯␴Y␴ ϭ0. 27)) if d2x␮ dx␯ dx␴ ␮ ϩ⌫ ϭ0. 28) The curve, or a portion of it, is time-like, light-like or space-like according as to whether ␮␯(dx␮/d␭)(dx␯/d␭)Ͼ0,ϭ0, or Ͻ0. ) The length of the time-like or space-like curve from ␭ ϭ ␭1 to ␭ ϭ ␭2 is given by: L12 ϭ Ύ ␭2 ␭1 ΂Έ ␮␯ dx␮ dx␯ d␭ d␭ Έ΃ 1/2 d␭. 26). The former equation has more general applicability, for example, when the curve x␮(␭) is light-like or space-like, in which case ␭ cannot be taken as the proper time.

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