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By Seyyed Hossein Nasr

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This is often the single booklet to accommodate classical Islamic cosmology because it was once formulated through the Ikhwan al-S'afa al Biruni and Ibn Sina throughout the 10th and 11th centuries. those figures stimulated the entire later centuries of Islamic background and in reality created the cosmological framework in which all later clinical task within the Islamic global was once carried out--the enduring photograph of the cosmos in which Muslims have lived up to now millennium.

Nasr writes from in the Islamic culture and demonstrates how, in line with the lessons of the Quran and the Prophet, the figures taken care of during this paintings built-in components drawn from a variety of historical colleges of philosophy and the sciences. This publication is exclusive in its remedy of classical Islamic cosmology as obvious from in the Islamic world-view and gives a key for figuring out of conventional Islamic thought.

“…the quantity of educational literature dedicated to the way in which in which Muslims in classical and medieval Islam expected the cosmos is negligible. There are, although, a few noteworthy exceptions. An creation to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines is one among them.” — Parabola

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The caliph, al-Muktafi bi'Lliih, was forced to accept the power of the new conquerors. He gave to the three brothers the title of 'Imad al-Dawlah, Rukn al-Dawlah, and Mu'izz-al-Dawlah and the rank of amir a/-umarii'. The Buwaihids in turn treated the caliph with great respect; but, being Shi'ite, they no longer accepted his absolute religious and political authority. They thus succeeded in establishing Shi'ite rule over the lands of the Eastern caliphate for the first time in Islamic history, a rule which they were able to maintain in their family until the Turkish Ghaznawids and Seljuqs once again brought the eastern provinces under Sunni rule.

In treating of the Usually an "atomistic" view of Nature, whether it be Greek, Ash'arite, or Nyiiyais based on the aspect of the discontinuity between the cosmos and the Metacosmic reality, while the modes of thought which deny the existence of atoms, such as the Aristotelian, Hermetic, or Illuminationist (Ishriiqi), emphasize the aspect of continuity between the finite and the Infinite. 21 We are using "theosophy" here in its original meaning, as it was used until quite recently by men like Jacob Bohme, and not in any way resembling that given it by the pseudo-spiritualist movement which came into being at the beginning of this century under this name.

18 PROLOG UE this was a period during which the authority of the central Sunni government had weakened and Shi'ite princes were ruling over a large segment of the Islamic world. Considering the more sympathetic attitude of Shi'ism toward the pre-Islamic sciences and philosophy which we have already mentioned, it is not surprising to discover that this period of Shi'ite domination coincides with a time of great activity in the various intellectual sciences. In fact it may be safely asserted that the rise of the Shi'ah in this period was the chief reason for the greater attention paid to the arts and sciences.

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