American Revolution: almanac by Barbara Bigelow PDF

By Barbara Bigelow

ISBN-10: 0787637955

ISBN-13: 9780787637958

Offers in-depth heritage and interpretation of the yankee Revolution, with brief biographies of individuals proper to the subjects mentioned in each one bankruptcy.

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News arrived slowly and was eagerly awaited. The newspapers were one way for patriots to share their messages of the benefits of declaring the American colonies’ independence from England. At this point in time, each colony considered itself a separate entity. By showing the colonists that they had something in common (their grievances against England), the Literature and the Arts in the Revolutionary Era 37 newspapers helped forge a sense of community among the colonies. This feeling of unity—of being one nation—was vital to the colonies’ success in gaining their freedom from England.

During the 1760s fine new buildings were constructed in Philadelphia, including Carpenters Hall and the Old State House, where independence would be declared in 1776. People flocked to this sophisticated and cultured city, and many decided to stay; by 1774 the population had grown to 40,000, making Philadelphia the second-largest city in the British Empire next to London. Revolutionary-era heroes Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) and Betsy Ross (1752–1836) called Philadelphia home. New York, New York, another bustling port city, ranked second in 1774, with a population of between 25,000 and 30,000.

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