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"in the postwar international the most function of the multinational firm has been the foreign diffusion of propriety know-how and managerial abilities"

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Each transactor also likes to be free to use his own bargaining power to influence price, and to exploit the The Rationale of the Multinational Enterprise 47 competitive forces constraining others by choosing freely with whom he will transact; he is thus unwilling to surrender all control over price to an arbitrator. The only exception occurs where negotiations are liable to be very protracted; for example in bilateral monopoly where price is indeterminate. It can also be shown that under increasing returns to scale an efficient level of supply will be forthcoming in an external market only when pricing is discriminatory.

With efficient use of the new technology the competitive industry supply curve shifts down to S 1S 1', and each plant produces a larger output Q 1 at the minimum of AC, where MC 1 intersects it. Suppost: to begin with that the proprietor of the information subcontracts production, acting as a monopolist. His marginal cost curve is S 1S 1', his marginal revenue curve is S0 ABM, and the profit-maximising strategy is to produce where they intersect, C, giving the same industry output as before. Now suppose that the same result is required from a royalty system.

For example if each final user of the information is charged a price equal to the maximum he is willing to pay, the profit-maximising strategy is to develop the information only if the market surplus is positive and to supply it to all users for whom the marginal benefit exceeds the marginal cost. Thus with discriminatory pricing, profit maximisation leads to the efficient development and use of information. 5 THE CONCEPT OF A PATENT To organise a market for any commodity it is necessary to have a transferable property right over it.

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