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A lot of background depends upon victories and defeats in conflict. study the strategies and techniques that formed the world’s most vital campaigns via designated conflict maps, diagrams and poignant pictures. during this new version, comprehend what components contributed to the results and discover how such occasions have formed the id of societies around the globe.

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King Robert I masterminded the decisive defeat of a substantially larger English force under Edward II, whose objective was to raise the siege of English-held Stirling Castle. At first glance, the clash between the mighty host of England, with its well-equipped heavy cavalry and veteran infantry, against a hastily mustered peasant army of much smaller Scotland might seem an uneven contest heavily favouring the English. However, Robert the Bruce was able to tip the odds in the favour of the Scots by repeated drilling of his infantry, his intimate knowledge OPPOSING FORCES ENGLAND LEADERS King Edward II Gilbert de Clare Humphrey de Bohun INFANTRY 14,000 CAVALRY 2,000 ARCHERS 2,000 vs SCOTLAND LEADERS Robert the Bruce Thomas Randolph Edward Bruce INFANTRY 6,000 LIGHT CAVALRY 500 47 Greatest Battles of the local terrain, and the use of innovative tactics.

Besides, they said, the relief army already had arrived to within three leagues of the castle, which meant the Stirling garrison would not have to surrender. Edward overruled them, as he did not want the Scots to escape. Bruce had been considering a withdrawal to the Lennox district. But when Sir Alexander Seton defected to the Scottish side during the night, he informed Bruce that the morale of the English was extremely low. Based on that information, Bruce decided to give battle. “A thick-set hedge” On the day of the battle, King Edward remained confident in the supremacy of his arms; he fully expected to crush the Scots that day.

Just before Henry’s lance hit home, Bruce turned his horse, causing Henry to miss him. Bruce then stood in his stirrups on his short horse and swung his axe. The force of the blow penetrated both helmet and skull, snapping the shaft of the king’s axe in the process. Henry’s body fell lifeless to the ground. De Clare, who mistakenly assumed that the Scots might be retreating further north, ordered Baron 04 04 Scots offer battle The Scots advance shortly after daybreak on 24 June from the wooded New Park.

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