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By John Crane

ISBN-10: 047146256X

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I've got plenty and plenty of buying and selling books, and determine this one to be some of the most lifeless of the bunch. The presentation of principles sounds effective .... the charts within the booklet, make it appear like the tips may be legitimate. yet ..... simply attempt to practice the assumption to the present markets and notice what that yields you ...... zippo!

The challenge with buying and selling books, is it is advisable to installed attempt to validate even if the guidelines truly paintings or no longer .... and that takes TIME. This booklet is an efficient revenues pitch for the tips contained inside of it .... and that appears to be like IT.

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It is also greater for longer dated bonds with high coupons. In high interest rate environments, the interest-on-interest component for long bonds may be as high as 80% of the bond’s potential total dollar return (Fabozzi, 1997). 5 SOURCES OF RETURN Just as it is important to understand the nature of the risks associated with fixed income securities, it is essential to keep in mind the components of expected return. 1, we know that a fixed income security has three sources of return: 1. Interest payments (coupon income) 2.

The risk premium). When the risk premium rises, the price of the spread product falls. e. the spread narrows), the price of the “risky” bond rises. In addition to the returns generated from changes in the spread, investors in spread products can benefit from credit spread carry – that is, holding bonds that pay a higher yield. The economic cycle is the main determinant of the overall environment for spread products. Spreads widen during recession and narrow during periods of economic expansion.

E. the payer of fixed) is long the swap and benefits if interest rates rise. e. the receiver of fixed) is short the swap and benefits if interest rates fall. The Pricing of Interest Rate Swaps A swap can be viewed either as a package of cash flows (from buying/selling cash market instruments) or as a package of forwards or futures contracts. 6). After the swap transaction, the value of the swap is the difference between the present values of the cash flows of the two legs of the swap, which changes as interest rates change.

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