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By Cinzia Daraio

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Offering a scientific and entire therapy of contemporary advancements in potency research, this publication makes on hand an intuitive but rigorous presentation of complex nonparametric and strong tools, with purposes for the research of economies of scale and scope, trade-offs in construction and repair actions, and causes of potency differentials.

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Charnes and Cooper (1985; p. 94) cite Farrell concern as one of several motivations for the typical OR/MS emphasis on the measurement of technical efficiency. It is possible to distinguish different kind of efficiency, such as scale, allocative and structural efficiency. The scale efficiency has been developed in three different ways. Farrell (1957) used the most restrictive technology having constant returns to scale (CRS) and exhibiting strong disposability of inputs. This model has been developed in a linear programming framework by Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes (1978).

The output correspondence set (for all x ∈ Ψ) can be defined as: P (x) = {y ∈ Rq+ |(x, y) ∈ Ψ}. 3) P (x) consists of all output vectors that can be produced by a given input vector x ∈ Rp+ . The production set Ψ can also be retrieved from the inputs sets, specifically: Ψ = {(x, y) | x ∈ C(y), y ∈ Rq+ }. 5) which tells us that the output and input sets are equivalent representations of the technology, as is Ψ. The isoquants or efficient boundaries of the sections of Ψ can be defined in radial terms (Farrell, 1957) as follows.

This method, introduced by Halme, Joro, Korhonen, Salo and Wallenius (2000), aims at incorporate the decisionmaker’s value judgements and preferences into the analysis, using a two stage procedure. The first stage identifies the decision maker’s most preferred solutions through a multiple objective model. The second stage consists in the determination of the frontier based on the most preferred solutions chosen. Methods that do not require a priori information. These family of models aims at increase discrimination in DEA without the subjectivity, the possibility of biased or wrong judgements, typical of the methods that introduce a priori 13 See Allen, Athanassopoulos, Dyson and Thanassoulis (1997), and Pedraja-Chaparro, Salinas-Jimenes, Smith and Smith (1997) for a review of some methods within this approach, including direct weight restrictions, cone ratio models, assurance region and virtual inputs and outputs restrictions.

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