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By Detlef Jericke

ISBN-10: 9004129391

ISBN-13: 9789004129399

This quantity offers with ancient and exegetical difficulties of the Abraham tale within the e-book of Genesis. the 1st half describes the result of archaeological investigations at Hebron and Mamre in Southern Palestine together with feedback at the prestige of the province of Judah within the first millennium BCE, specially within the Babylonian and Persian interval. the second one half offers exegetical reviews on Genesis bankruptcy thirteen and 18. The concluding a part of the quantity relates the historic and exegetical facets. The Abraham tale is interpreted as a made from the Judaean humans of the Babylonian and Persian interval.

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119. 8. For biographies of Compton Mackenzie see A.  J. Dooley, Compton Mackenzie (New York, 1974); and L. Robertson, Compton Mackenzie: An Appraisal of his Literary Work (London, 1954). 9.  2. 10.  2. 11.  M.  496. 12.  W.  J.  144. 13.  157. 14.  497. 15. K. E. Collins, Be Well! Jewish Immigrant Health and Welfare in Glasgow, 1860–1914 (East Linton, 2001); K. E. Collins, Go and Learn: The International Story of Jews and Medicine in Scotland (Edinburgh, 1988). 16.  45. 17. Ibid. 18.  A. Fitzpatrick, Catholic Secondary Education in South West Scotland before 1972: Its Contribution to the Change in Status of the Catholic Community (London, 1986).

However, this is not to say that religion was unimportant in the politics of the United Kingdom. The antipathy towards confessional parties identified by Tom Buchanan was in some respects an illusion, with strong religious connections in both the Liberal and Unionist parties, even the Socialist Party: the Labour Party had to be aware of the religious dimension, not least because of the large Irish Catholic working-class constituency which was fuelling Labour’s rise to prominence. 49 At the heart of the three pillars are a series of papal encyclicals which were to define the nature of the modern papacy, the doctrine of the church and the character of Catholic Action.

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