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ISBN: 0521182697
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More than 40 years in the past it used to be confirmed that the African continent might be divided into 4 unique language households. study on African languages has hence been preoccupied with reconstructing and figuring out similarities throughout those households. This has intended that an curiosity in other forms of linguistic dating, similar to no matter if structural similarities and dissimilarities between African languages are the results of touch among those languages, hasn't ever been the topic of significant study. This 2007 ebook exhibits that such similarities throughout African languages are extra universal than is largely believed. It offers a large viewpoint on Africa as a linguistic zone, in addition to an research of particular linguistic areas. so as to have a greater figuring out of African languages, their constructions, and their background, additional information on those contact-induced relationships is key to figuring out Africa's linguistic geography, and to reconstructing its historical past and prehistory.

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The AJAUA (about 250,000 in 1970) inhabit Niassa and Tete Provinces. Some Ajaua live in Malawi. In the distant past, the Ajaua were hunters, but now they are farmers. They were also engaged in the slave trade, and most of them have converted to Islam. Page 7 The MARAVI (numbering about 270,000) are said to have migrated from the Congo Confederacy in the year 1500, following a succession dispute within the Undi dynasty. They followed Karonga, the king's nephew, who entered Mozambique and settled in the area which is now known as Vila Gamito in Tete Province.

The largest and longest, and therefore the most known, rivers are the Rovuma, Lurio, Ligonha, Zambezi, Pungue, Buzi, Save, Limpopo, Nkomati, and Espirito Santo (Lourenço Marques). These rivers provide fertile land for farming, which constitutes the most important occupation of the people of Mozambique, who produce corn, millet, cassava, cashew nuts, coconuts, sugar cane, copra, tea, tobacco, sisal, rice, and citrus fruits. Also, the long coastline has several ports, three of whichMaputo, Beira, and Nacalahave acquired Page 3 international significance.

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