New PDF release: A Dictionary of the Teenage Revolution and its Aftermath

By Kenneth Hudson

ISBN-10: 0333285174

ISBN-13: 9780333285176

ISBN-10: 1349053309

ISBN-13: 9781349053308

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Many, perhaps most women of this class show a marked disinclination to refer to a 'man' and prefer the less obviously sexual 'chap'. Chappie. A man. The word has an interesting social pedigree. A colloquialism in the 1820s, it became a society term in the 1880s and from then until the 1950s it continued in almost exclusively well-bred use, as a badge of the superior status of the speaker. Since then, however, it has moved some distance down the social scale, although, once away from its traditional owners, it is usually spoken and written in inverted commas, as one sees in 'I just could not seem to get through to these chappies' (Private Eye, 29 Jan 1971).

A British student would not 'bomb', an American would. ' (Melody Maker, 24 Jan 1981). Bomb Out is also found, with the same meaning. 'If my records bomb out ... ' (interview with funk musician in New Musical Express, 12 May 1979). (ii) To rush around fast and noisily, usually on motorcycles, less frequently in old cars. 'At weekends they bombed up and down the coastline on their hotrods' (Cohn: Awopbop, 1969). An obsolescent youth-word, never used unsympathetically. (iii) A lot of money. 'How many fat kids, fat kids who spend a bomb on the latest gear ..

Very few people outside the drug world have ever used it in the UK 'Charging is as different from popping as liquor is' (Macinnes: City ofSpades, 1957). (ii) Marijuana- 'I saw you grow charge out there' (Macinnes: City ofSpades, 1957). Charisma. The personal power of an individual to impress others.

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