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William Blake, poet, artist, and mystic, created an enormous multidimensional universe via his verse and paintings. Spun from a cloth of symbolism and populated by means of a bunch of complicated characters, Blake's accomplished international has supplied unending proposal to next generations. For the reader of Blake, historical past wisdom of his symbolism is a need. during this quantity, first released in 1965, S. Foster Damon, father of contemporary Blake experiences and a professor at Brown college until eventually his loss of life, has assembled all references to specific symbols or facets of Blake's paintings and lifestyles, in order that readers can see the full spectrum of Blake's idea on quite a few issues.

For this version of S. Foster Damon's vintage reference paintings, Morris Eaves has written an up-to-date annotated bibliography and a brand new foreword, integrated right here with his unique 1988 index.

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Cosmology is that branch of metaphysics which deals with the universe as an ordered whole. A cosmogony is a doctrine or myth about the origin of the universe. Cosmic means pertaining to the universe, esp. as distinguished from the earth. 53 ~ GLOSSARY Dead Sea Scrolls -+ Qumran. Decalogue (Gk. deka, ten; logos, word; lit. the ten words). The Ten Commandments (Exod. 20:1-17; cf. 34; Deut. 5:6-21. Demythologization (Ger. Entmythologisierung). In the 19th century several writers, but above all D. F.

Isa. Sol. Sib. Sir. Bar. Test. Abr. Ash. Ben. Dan Test. Iss. Jos. Jud. TesLLev. Naph. Reub. Sim. Zeb. Tob. Wis. 4. 37 Florilegium Blessings of the Patriarchs ABBREVIATIONS 4Qtest Testimonies llQMeJchizedek Melchizedek Scroll See further K. G. , Konkordanz zu den Qumrantexten, 1960. Where possible, translations of passages from Qumran have been collated with the ET of G. Vermes, The Dead Sea Scrolls in English, 1962. 5. Classical and Hellenistic Writers and Sources Aesch. Ag. Cho. Eum. Pers. PV Sept.

S 0 d Ilg (J) S Arabic I v J i w y i m 47 Glossary of Technical Terms Hans-Georg Link Supplementary material by Colin Brown --+ in this Glossary indicates a cross-reference to another entry in the Glossary. Allegory (Gk. altegoria; Lat. allegoria, allegory, lit. speaking otherwise than one seems to speak). The figurative representation or interpretation of one thing under the image of another. In theology it denotes a method of interpreting Scripture which sees in the text a meaning other than the apparently intended or historical one.

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