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Isaac Trimble, who had followed the army north without a command. He was assigned to lead them shortly before the charge began. When the artillery fire slackened into a fitful silence, the infantry stepped off from Seminary Ridge and began the nearly mile-long advance to the crest of Cemetery Ridge. Artillery that was to accompany the infantry had been moved before the bombardment by Pendleton and could not be found in time to join the attack. Artillery fire from guns on Cemetery Hill, Cemetery Ridge, and even a battery on Little Round Top, raked the advancing Confederates the entire way.

Casualties in war are never confined to just soldiers, and the Bliss family never received a dime in compensation. Once the fight on the Bliss farm ended, the field grew quiet. , a shot from each of two guns signaled the beginning of the massive Confederate artillery barrage from 150 tubes. The Union artillery returned fire and eventually employed 115 guns in response. How long the barrage lasted is anyone’s guess. Estimates stretch from thirty minutes to several hours. In all probability the bombardment continued for about ninety minutes and perhaps as long as two hours.

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A Bibliography of Statistical Quality Control by Grant Illion Butterbaugh

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