45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original by Victoria Lynn Schmidt PDF

By Victoria Lynn Schmidt

ISBN-10: 159963354X

ISBN-13: 9781599633541

Create unforgettable characters your readers will love!

45 grasp Characters will make your characters and their tales extra compelling, advanced and unique than ever before.

You'll discover the most typical female and male archetypes-the mythic, cross-cultural types from which all characters originate-and easy methods to use them as foundations in your personal particular characters. Examples culled from literature, tv and movie illustrate simply how memorable and powerful those archetypes can be-from "Gladiators" and "Kings" like Rocky Balboa and Captain Ahab to "Amazons" and "Maidens" like Xena and Guinevere.

The mythic trips of heroes and heroines-the development of occasions upon which each and every archetype's personality arc develops-are additionally tested. development this type of "journey" into your character's tale will provide help to cease being concerned approximately what occurs subsequent and get on with telling your tale.

It's a power-packed technique for growing characters that stand the try out of time!

ASIN: B005070P3U

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45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

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