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The sentence is cast in the present tense, so placed should be places. 69. c. Because eat is an irregular verb, the past tense does not get an -ed. The word ate should be changed to eaten, because of the helping verb (has). 70. d. In this sentence, the pronoun shifts. The sentence begins with writers and correctly uses the pronoun their, but then switches to the pronoun one. One often gets should be replaced with they often get. 71. e. There are no errors in this sentence. 72. a. An adverb is needed to modify get.

E 68. In the Shakespearian play, the character of Macbeth, a man with a domineering wife and a weak will, is a going to kill the king so he can take his place, but in the end, Macbeth placed the responsibility on his wife b c instead. No error. d e 69. Because Phillip has a nasty case of the stomach flu, he hasn’t ate a single bite of food in more than three a b c d days. No error. e 70. Because so many novice writers receive innumerable rejection slips, regardless of their basic abilities, a b c one often gets terribly discouraged.

No error. c d e 75. Reading through the local daily newspaper, it always features the current news, regular comic strips, classified a b ads, movie listings, and, of course, current sports’ scores. No error. c d e 76. The physicians particularly enjoyed the afternoon workshop offered by the retired doctor who has been to a b c India during a serious outbreak of smallpox. No error. d e 77. The hours went by so slow while she sat in the dentist’s chair that she could hardly believe it was still a b c daylight when she finally got back out to her car in the parking lot.

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